Rob Luna DYOR Jay Perillo

Jay Perillo and Rob Luna: DYOR if you love NFTs

The popular Filipino Play-to-Earn influencers share their methods for safe and sensible NFT collecting.

Jay Perillo and Rob Luna are two of the Philippine’s top tier content creators and advocates for the Play-to-Earn and NFT space.

Jay is a Radio DJ for local stations Radyo Natin FM and Easy Rock Iloilo as well as a full-time streamer on Facebook Gaming, where he streams Axie Infinity as the self-proclaimed Mayor of his Empire.

Rob is a multi-faceted content creator doing everything from shoutcasting to streaming, on top of being the Chief Operations Officer for ULVL Productions, United Gamers Guild’s production partner for their Axie Infinity tournaments.

Together, the pair of crypto influencers appeared on Episode 2 of UGG’s CrypTalk host Hot-E as they talked about their experiences, hilarious stories, and lessons they’ve learnt from their respective NFT journeys.

Do your own research!

During the episode, the pair talked about the common phrase thrown around in the crypto sphere which is DYOR or “Do Your Own Research”. Jay started off by saying that the phrase was the best advice that he’s ever been given throughout his crypto journey so far.

“<Doing your own research> is one of the biggest reason (sic) as to why you’re going to have an informed decision. And of course, this doesn’t just go into just NFT or crypto, but in your personal lives as well, you should never stop learning.”

Rob was on the same page as well, highlighting DYOR as an essential piece of advice in dealing with NFTs and crypto but he also goes one step further. Rob described his first time trying to do his own research, reading through a whitepaper and getting overwhelmed and confused with the information that he was taking in.

He also stated that in addition to doing your own research, you should also know how to research. He goes on to describe that his method in doing research involves conferring with peers and aggregating that data to form your own opinion.

“It’s better to do it that way [this person] is doing [their] own research as well as [that person] and you put them together and say ‘alright what’s the best case scenario? Alright.’ I have two heads helping me now. That’s how I do my research, I ask.”



In the CrypTalk episode, Jay, Rob and Ron unleash other amusing anecdotes such as the amusing story of how they were finally convinced to join the crypto world—and how Jay thought it was a multi-level marketing scheme at first.

They also throw in some rich tidbits of information about Axie Infinity, Pegaxy, Gunfire Hero, Binary X, and other trading games like Skyweaver; getting to know the existing NFT guilds and early adopters as well as vital Axie Infinity communities, and other streaming communities you can join.

NFT collecting can be a trial by fire and is definitely not for the faint of heart. It demands dedication, re-invention, research, and tenacity to avoid getting burned.

Learn from some of the best and most authentic influencers there are in the crypto space, in this episode of CrypTalk!