Metadhana CrypTalk

Metadhana founders on blockchain gaming and… Rooster Wars?

Get the skinny on upcoming games Rooster Wars and Metazoan Chronicles in CrypTalk.

We are joined in this latest episode of CryptTalk by the distinguished Jimmi Busa, Mikhail Penalosa, Walter Manalo, & Ben Banta, all stalwarts of the Philippine game development and animation scene and are the founders of the upcoming play-to-earn game development studio METADHANA.

Mikhail Jon Peñalosa, METADHANA’s CEO is a known Growth and Digital Marketing Professional with over 13 years of experience.

Their Head of Product Jimmi Busa is the former COO of Studio Nine Lives, an anime studio based in the Philippines & is Metadhana’s resident expert on animation and creative direction.

Walter Manalo, their Head of Business Development, is known as being one of the Co-founder & managing partners of Ranida Games, maker of local Philippine fighting game Bayani Kanino Ka Kakampi and is one of the board members of the Game Developers Association of the Philippines.

Rounding out the guests is Ben Banta, the Head of their Gaming division; who is also the CEO and Studio Head of Ranida Games. Ben has been in the game industry since 2008 and has produced popular flash game franchises such as Sniper Assassin, Potty Racers, and Dragon Slayers. He also has a vast experience in creating mobile and PC games, advergames, and gamified applications.

Together the group make up the core dream team of METADHANA, a fully stacked metaverse studio that aims to bring Filipino creators & their creativity further as they aim to democratize artificial intelligence, blockchain games, and creative development for creators and various crypto ecosystems through its consortium with a proven track record, expertise, people and performance in their respective industries.

Join in the fun as our host Kelly Welt breaks down how the group came to be, what major lessons, challenges & dreams they have as they build the next generation media and technology organization.


In this episode, the group also gave us a preview of their upcoming games: Metazoan Chronicles, a competitive game social deduction game akin to Among Us; and Rooster Wars, a PvP online multiplayer game where players play-to-earn by fighting with their roosters in the arena and finishing levels in adventure mode.

Ben also emphasized their main core as they develop games which is to ensure that the gameplay, its narrative & every feature imbues entertainment, fun & challenge apart from just the capability to earn.

Like our previous episodes, the group also shared how important it is to do your own due diligence before joining in the NFT craze. To not let the hype cloud your judgment and to ensure that if you do join in the bandwagon, you know the value of what you are getting, where there should also be enough utility & structure.

See how the OG’s of Gaming, and Animation in the country come together to bring us De-Fi; “decentralized finance” where you do not just have fun and earn but you also grow and expand your finances.